The St. Albert Photography Club was established 1992. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, founding member John Vanveen wrote the following reminicense of the early days of the club.

Yes, did you know that our first meeting was at St. Albert City 1992, in a fancy room with swivel chairs overlooking the “mighty” Sturgeon river. In attendance were Larry Huberdeau, Peter Pankiw, Doug Poon, John Vanveen and a few others (sorry I forgot your names). The reason for our existence was the same as now, to encourage each other to better photography. There was no photography club at the time even though Kathy McKay did start one, but it was dissolved after they published the book “A Day in the Life of St. Albert”. With the help of Deirdre Smart of the St. Albert Community Services, we advertised at Doug’s store, beside London Drugs, (Canadian Tire at that time). Since then, a lot of “film has gone through our cameras”. We had some contact with the Winnipeg South Photography Club as Reggie Steele (president of the Winnipeg club) visited us at the home of Larry Huberdeau. Fred Martin and Bill, and also Al Popil joined the club soon afterwards. Hope to have another 20 years again of “photographic” enjoyment. -by JVV

Some of our members posted galleries in prior years, which are archived here.

Much of our history is contained in the Archive of Newsletters, which documents the club's prior activities, speakers, and contest winners.

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